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March of the Golden Buzzy Beetle (hack provided)

Author : Factor M

Votes : 8
Rating : 81%
Views : 608
Type : SMF2
Difficulty : Medium
Posted : 01/03/2015
Status :
Section 2

Description :

An ambush of Golden Buzzy Beetles and other monsters at their ruins.


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06/16/2016 06:09 pm
mesmile : 1/10

Kill yourself faggot
No one loves your levels. They are absolute shit.

I have your IP address and location. And I will fuck you up bitch.

Seriously, kill yourself PG supporting faggot. Or I will do it for you.

03/03/2015 03:39 pm
felipe de farias : 8/10

ok, so; looks a good level. the challenges are good with a great gameplay, but i just think the buzzy bettles was very repetitive(i know, is level to buzzy bettle) but is repetitive. there's cutoffs in all the level, and looks a weird tiling too. also, i don't like how you the S tiles at X:3020 = 8/10 :)

03/01/2015 01:02 pm
VladutUser : 7/10

Too many buzzy bettles! Kinda boring this level... :( Though I like you used Golden Edition. Good luck next time and put more emphasis on design. 7/10 :)

03/01/2015 01:02 pm
ashtonirwin : 10/10

A fun-to-play level, and good use of Golden Edition. The only flaw was the fact that it got a little repetitive at some places, but I'm not decreasing your score for that . 10/10