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I really like to make new levels and I hope you enjoy them!!!
give me some ideas so I can make some new levels!
Hope you like my levels!!

So... someone didn't understand my rating method that is why I am gonna write it here:

My method is based in three categories:
Gameplay,creativity and monsters.

Each category gives you different points:
Gameplay gives you maximum 6 points,creativity gives you maximum 3 points and monsters placement gives you
maximum 1 point.

Gameplay is the most important:
It tells how I felt playing this level and was it weird bad or good giving some reasons.

Usually it is hard to get the maximum points in the gameplay.

Creativity shows how you creative the level was.
Usually it is easy to get the maximum here.

Monsters shows how good did you place the monsters.
It is VERY hard to get the point for this one:
one not perfect monster placement, and you will not get 10/10!

It is not easy with me to get a good rate because the level has to be fun,interesting,with creativity,and with
perfect monsters placement.

When you see a level with 100% rate it wasn't that it got it for nothing.
And don't rage at me because I am not even a level critic.
What if the level critics rate you?

I will ALWAYS use this method,except when I am not for rating this long.

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