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Goodbye pg
I threw the stick at the cat but the cat did not die. Dona Chica admonished herself of the howl that the cat gave.&%#@$*+!"#$%&$#%&%$#&$%#@
If you want to swear, curse me with affection :)

In the LP there are a lot of new people that have arrived and are posting not very good levels and giving high ratings for regular or bad levels. Explain this to me ... 12/12/2018.

My act of posting levels at the time that this site went through the great crisis of low ballots was greatly impaired. The site administrator never appeared, did not update the site and the games. This has made the community create another site that is often better than this. Your name: LevelPalace. If you want to know my profile there at LevelPalace just ask. April 17, 2019

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