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-Active when I have the time-
Birthday: July 7th, 1996
My Personal Stat Tracking Progression - Started on November 9th, 2014
Rating Goals:
Post (100) Ratings! (x) Achieved 11/9/14
Post (125) Ratings! (x) Achieved 11/22/14
Post (150) Ratings! ( )
Post (250) Ratings! ( ) *Badge*
Post (350) Ratings! ( )
Post (500) Ratings! ( )
Level Goals:
Make 10 Levels! (x) Achieved 11/22/14 *Badge*
Make 15 Levels! ( )
Make 25 Levels! ( )
Make 35 Levels! ( )
Make 50 Levels! ( ) *Badge*
Friend Goals:
Make 10 Friends! (x) Achieved 11/9/14
Make 15 Friends! (x) Achieved 11/16/14
Make 20 Friends! (x) Achieved 11/26/14 *Badge*
Make 30 Friends! ( )

*Important thing(s) to know about my Super Mario Odyssey series:
-The difficulty does not necessarily have to increase gradually, some levels are harder than others. Ex: Level W4-5 may be easier than W2-2; I don't know which will be easier or not, I am merely creating the series as I go along.

My new personal rating criteria established on
September 18th, 2014.

Last edited: October 25th, 2014

1) Gameplay (worth 50 points)
2) Design (worth 25 points)
3) Creativity (worth 25 points)
Extra points for:
1st levels: 12 points
2nd levels: 8 points
3rd levels: 4 points
*If I exceed 100 due to the extra points, I'll add them onto your next level instead.
*I will also only use the criteria listed above if it's necessary on certain levels. EX: I will not use it on levels in the spammed section, on levels that are too obvious to review, or on levels that have special properties, such as being a remake.

Just giving myself a more efficient and fair way to rate levels :)

*If you rate under a 10 on any of my levels, please provide a reason why, or I won't know what went wrong.

I actually had an old account called Supermario137. Feel free to play my old levels here if you like: http://www.pouetpu-games.com/index.php?section=6&id=4623

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Age : 20
Location : USA
Levels : 11
Rates : 134
Joined : 09/10/2014
Website : None
Fans/Friends : 20

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