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Yep... this community is dead. no one is here anymore.

Thanks pouetpu for removing HTML -_-. My profile looks like HTML code now. Also why is spam not viewable now?
Great... Pending level section has been comepletely changed. Really Pouetpu? We can only post 2 levels and then we have to get said levels Into another Section if we wnat to post more?! No one's on this site anymore for this to work!!!

<Font size=3>I'm going to be here rarely. I've migrated over to levelpalace.com . I'll be posting levels at that site.

You can still my levels here: http://www.pouetpu-games.com/?section=4&list=7&userid=65174

<font size=4><font color=blue> Hey guys I've come back but I'm probably not going to do a lot. I'm not going to rate levels 24/7, I'm not going to make levels 24/7 and I'm not going to contests yet.
Update 1: I was just informed that PG users moved from xat to Discord. Thanks PopThatCorn14 and FullMetalDragon

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<font size=2>Meh Flappy Bird game(s):


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<font color=green>-Minecraft will reach 1.10 in Late 2016 to Early 2017

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<font size=2>Randomness: I STINKY POOP!!!
ALL STINKY POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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<img src="//puu.sh/i8pip">
<img src="//puu.sh/i8piZ"><img src="//puu.sh/i8plc"><img src="//puu.sh/i8pjH">
<img src="//puu.sh/i8pkd">
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