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@Delectrico, Why do you want to stay here, LP is superior in every way yet you still seem intent on staying here, the only levels nowadays are advertisement levels for LP as we have moved, the reason behind the move was because Pouetpu neglected this site banning many users and it was very out of date, I hope you have read this and that you join us at LP.

We appreciate you for coming across this website with the intent of making levels but unsurprisingly as you could tell due to the lack of activity here we have moved. The website we have moved to is levelpalace.com, at level palace we have an active community with levels that are not spam and they are usually out of pending within a week, we also have updates to SMF1 and SMF2 and also a SMF3 which is similar to 2 in terms of coding but a lot different in terms of tiling etc, many texture hacks are also on level palace however the majority use older version of the game it is based on.

If you want to get into level making then you should go to level palace as it is completely superior to Pouetpu Games.

You can visit and create an account at level palace here, many of the veteran PG users such as Przem are there.


With flash set to die in 2020 there is already a game similar to SMF2 developed by Luigibonus who is also at level palace.


I am RacerJ4KE at level palace, join me and many others there.

You can also join our discord server here:


Status : Registered user

Age : VVVV
Location : https://www.levelpalace.com
Levels : 89
Rates : 1437
Joined : 07/08/2013
Website : https://www.levelpalace.com
Fans/Friends : 134

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

The Flying Dutchman
vitor alberto
Fake Rater!

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