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Mushy profile

<font color="green">Welcome to Mushy's profile

Click <a href="http://mushroom75.moonfruit.com/">here</a><br></a> to go to my website

Watch the Mushy Show by clicking the word listed below that says Mushroom.
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Buddy (My 2nd favorite word)
Popular (Yes I like being popular)
Celebrity (That's my dream to be a celebrity)
<a href="http://mushroom75.moonfruit.com/the-mushy-show/">Mushroom (What's better than a Mushroom?)</a><br></a>

Mushy has a new club called the level rating club!

<a href="http://mushroom75.moonfruit.com/the-level-rating-club/">The Level Rating Club!</a><br></a>

Mushy might make a new series called:
Super Mushy 64!

I miss this place. About time I be active again.

Status : Registered user

Age : 0
Location : A world with geometric stuff.
Levels : 65
Rates : 1365
Joined : 02/17/2013
Website : http://www.mushroom75.moonfruit.com
Fans/Friends : 153

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

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