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Hello there, I'm Gideon, and this is my profile, this is a very old profile, if you check my profile reeaallyy deep, you can see my very very very old levels, and i even started an adventure thingie, by the way i'm restarting this adventure thingie to a new adventure thingie *so many adventure thingies* so if you like my levels please leave a good comment, it encourages me to do more levels =D, also please add me to your favorite users *if you want to* ok thats it, i have to go now, see you when i see you =D Bye!

Rules On My Levels:

Dont Fake Rate
Never Steal My Levels
Dont Say Harsh Comments
If There Is Something Wrong,Dont Rate It Low,Just Tell In The Comment What Is Wrong
And Have Fun

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Status : Registered user

Age : 10
Location : Land Of Ooo *Really I live there!*
Levels : 14
Rates : 5
Joined : 10/31/2012
Website : * I Dont Have A Website. But in the future, I'll have one*
Fans/Friends : 6

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

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