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<FONT FACE="comic sans ms" Size="4" Color="DarkBlue">CAPTAIN SMITTY'S LEAGUE OF LEGENDS</FONT>

Update: The series is on hold until someone gets golden edition back up. The normal website "no longer exists" and I can't finish Howellopolis Zone without it.

Tulip Hill Zone (Normal SMF2) | Boss: Orangetack
Howellopolis Zone (Golden Edition) | Boss: 09dhowell
Pyramid Plunder Zone (Desert Edition) | Boss: 7SuperMarioBros7
Toxic Torrent Zone (Green Edition) | Boss: przem1994
Delicious Dessert Zone (Super Pop Flash) | Boss: Popthatcorn14
Corrupt Cavern Zone (Chaos Edition) | Boss: Lord Apoplexy
Computer Room Zone (Neo Edition) | Boss: Brokenace
Space Station Zone (Solar Edition) | Boss: WarioNWaluigi

This series has a greater emphasis on classic gameplay than other series I've made. It is also going to be easier than the others, because I can't stand being forced to make impossible levels at the end. :p

Each level has a secret 1-up to find. Also present in the first two acts of each zone is a key and keyhole. Finding the secret exit will reward you with a continue! :)

Plot: Legend has it that when Pouetpu left the site, he gave seven of the best PG users one of the seven “?” orbs. The orbs are said to grant special powers beyond imagination. It is also said that if all seven users wielding “?” orbs are brought together, then they will have the power to stop all evil. Help Captain Smitty navigate through eight exciting zones, assemble the League of Legends, and take down WarioNWaluigi, the most destructive fake rater of all time!

<FONT FACE="comic sans ms" Size="4" Color="DarkBlue">FUTURE LEVELS</FONT>

Mostly on Mario Maker unless I come up with an idea that can be done on here better (ex. Don't Enter the Doors)

<FONT FACE="arial black" Size="4" Color="gold">Best Levels: 94
<FONT FACE="arial black" Size="4" Color="gray">Good Levels: 7
<FONT FACE="arial black" Size="4" Color="green">Best Level Streak: 37*
<FONT FACE="arial black" Size="1" Color="green">*World 3-6 of Newer Super Mario Bros. 2 was fake-rated and put in good levels :P

Status : Registered user

Age : 15
Location : Pennsylvania
Levels : 103
Rates : 416
Joined : 09/02/2012
Website : www.pouetpu-games.com/index.php?section=6&id=54178
Fans/Friends : 62

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

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