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Hey, my name is pharaohtut and I am a level-maker(as you might have already guessed). My level-making strategy is to make the level look like an actual Super Mario World/3/1 Level.
Bowser's Return Story:
Bowser has destroyed the fabric of space and time, causing two different worlds to collide!
Mario must defeat Bowser and restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom(s)!

Current Series's:
You Will Die
Starry Night
Koopa Hill
Bowser's Return
Boom Boom's _______ Castle

Status : Registered user

Age : 15
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Levels : 40
Rates : 14
Joined : 08/26/2012
Website : http://pharaohbenzo.wix.com/pbroproductions
Fans/Friends : 12

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