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Status: <font color=red>Read comments for updates.
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"Copying levels is like doing drugs."
-Masterbob5, 2012
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<font color=red>Hey, I'm masterbob5! (no my name is not bob) Welcome to my profile, please rate and play my levels!

<font color=red>Super Mario Ultra is my current series.
<font color=green>World 1- Mushroom Plains
<font color=orange>World 2- Dry, Dry Desert
<font color=blue>World 3- Splash Beach
<font color=rainbow>World 4- Big Forest
<font color=blue>World 5- Frosty Tundra
<font color=brown>World 6- The Great Mountain Range
<font color=blue>World 7- Sky High
<font color=black>World 8- Bowser's Cavern
<font color=black>World 9- SUPER AWESOME RAINBOW LAND ( so cool it has no color)

Video of the week:
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The untold backstory of the fox.

Status : Registered user

Age : Well
Location : Donut Plains, YESH, i have a cape
Levels : 30
Rates : 363
Joined : 10/09/2012
Website : www.thissitedoesnotexistnordoihaveone.com
Fans/Friends : 53

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