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lol thanks to the creator of this website for making my childhood a blast. I had so much fun on this website when I was kid. Also I know this is really random and corny lol but if you're reading this don't take the things you have for granted, cherish what you have before it's gone. That's all I have to say lol (besides the stuff below obviously)

If you're bored or curious enough check out my yt channel, the link's in my info to the right. I make music now so if you wanna hear some of that check out my soundcloud:
(I'm probably just gonna start posting my music on yt tho cuz the upload quality for soundcloud is pretty horrible 😂)

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Age : 16
Location : something funny
Levels : 25
Rates : 315
Joined : 09/18/2012
Website : https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnthePixelizedGuy
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