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Nuclearstomp profile

Hi and welcome to my profile! I have other alliases on other websites: Nuclearstomp(Multiple)(Varies Depending on Site)(Youtube and Twitch are the most constant.) Fireclaw(ROTMG)(Unused)Firecaw(Roblox)(You'll only see me using this on very rare occasions.) Blizzardclaw (Warrior cats RPG)(Unused)Flamenado(My prior username for all websites, but it's only used for websites I used it on before and can't change the name of.)

I will NOT be making new levels, but feel free to check out my old ones! I hope that all of you on Pouetpu grow and prosper. Thank you for visiting my profile. Have a wonderful and fantastic day!

I make Super Mario Maker levels now. Go figure right?
My SMM profile name is Weazel.

Here is one of my codes: C579-0000-0302-34CF

Feel free to try a couple out!

One day we all had to get off Mr. Pouetpu's wild ride....

Edit: It's been several years. I make Super Mario Maker 2 levels now. Who would've thought?

T7B-52Y-6GF Here's an id if you stumbled upon this page and want to give it a shot. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about what has been and what will be.

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Age : ...
Location : Not here.
Levels : 65
Rates : 222
Joined : 05/27/2012
Website : Have a good day.
Fans/Friends : 39

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