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I enjoy making levels. This has lead me to believe that if I enjoy making, others should enjoy playing. All the levels I make are for fun, so please enjoy them. If you have any advice for my levels, please tell me.

<img src="http://www.sprites-inc.co.uk/files/EXE/EXE4/Chips/gchip1r.gif"> Red Sun

Oh, you know...nowhere.


World 1: Grassland Planet
-Level 1-1: The Adventure Begins!
-Level 1-2: Holy Sports!
-Level 1-3: MOLES!
-Level 1-4: Grassland Planet Castle
World 2: Forest Planet
-Level 2-1: Everything Feels The Same
-Level 2-2: We Can Wander Through The Forest
-Level 2-3: Those Are Big Mushrooms!
-Level 2-4: Forest Planet Castle
World 3: Desert Planet
-Level 3-1: It's So Dry!
-Level 3-2: Ghosts? In The Daytime?
-Level 3-3: Need...Water...
-Level 3-4: Desert Planet Castle
World 4: Water Planet
-Level 4-1: Finally, Some Water!
-Level 4-2: Wet Behind The Ears
-Level 4-3: All The Fish In The Sea
-Level 4-4: Water Planet Castle
World 5: Asteroid Field
-Level 5-1: How? Because Magic!
-Level 5-2: A Hop, Skip, And A Jump
-Level 5-3: Lakitu's Spaceship
-Level 5-4: Asteroid Field Castle
World 6: Blue Moon
-Level 6-1: It Looked Blue From Space
-Level 6-2: Moon Caves
-Level 6-3: Volcano!
-Level 6-4: Blue Moon Castle
World 7: Red Sun
-Level 7-1: Walkin' On The Sunshine
-Level 7-2: Boom Boom's Death Wall
-Level 7-3: The Final Stretch
-Level 7-4: Red Sun Castle

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