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Hi, I'm Delectrico, a.k.a. Delec or Del.

I used to be an active user in 2012. When I started here, I first published a few levels which were at least decent to stay, because I actually consider them mediocre. After I posted "The mysterious land", I began to develop more levels of SMF1 as well as one of SMF2. However, my computer suffered from technical problems and I lost the progress of my creations. I tried to remake them as exact as I could remember, but I gave up on it since I wasn't as inspired as when I started making them.

Meanwhile, I was spending my time on the site, mostly talking with my friends and rating their levels in the pending section. When Pouetpu made it possible to review levels with a rate over 4, I started reviewing approved levels as well. I used to chat with my friends and new ones via the comments system and by Xat, before Pouetpu prohibited the latter alternative. While I was spending time with others, I also reviewed and rated their levels. I focused mostly on playing and rating pending and approved levels. Since then, I became known as a level critic. I also had more fun playing than making, which is why I didn't post new levels again.

After almost a year, I decided to abandon this portal because I got bored of it. However, I got to know about the new updates that Pouetpu made after I left such as the level search feature. Some of my friends were missing me and posted comments on my profile too. One last thing I did before fully leaving was updating my profile, telling my last comments to them.

I occasionally checked the website without logging in to see what was new. After one more check, I realised this portal was abandoned and that Pouetpu didn't update it either. Looks like he followed the same way as mine. So, to contribute to this website, which I was part of a long time ago, I posted my first level since years. I chose Super Mario Odyssey as its main theme because, at the time, it was my favourite Mario game (until, of course, Super Mario Maker 2 arrived later on). Then I posted it as my comeback near the game's first anniversary. Even though it gets deleted for not receiving enough rates (because no one comes here anymore), I'll keep reposting it so anyone can play it.

I never forgot about the things I had done with the people I befriended here. There are some other I could have better done if I wasn't stubborn. Anyway, it wasn't bad at all. While my friends left this portal as me, I still remember them. I wish them the best and I wish the best to the webmaster Pouetpu, the guy who created this website, which was once something pretty cool. Thanks a lot.

Regardless of whether this website gets shut down or not and despite the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player, I'll keep being around here so there's at least one user supporting it. Anyway, I made a Weebly website where I'm keeping my stuff. You can check it out if you want.

Other interesting facts about me:
* While my username is Delectrico, I also go by The Secret Someone because I act as an incognito user. That means I don't tell any personal information about me other than I'm male.
* I'm the first user who found out the first SMF2 level on this portal in both good and best levels sections. Their ID's are 58793 and 58832, respectively. However, the one at best levels is currently on good levels, somehow, but it used to be a best level. Strange.
* I used to be the user with the most amount of rates in 2012 until I got surpassed by others in subsequent years. I regained my status in 2019 and became the first user to ever reach 20000 rates.
* I actually registered here around 2009. My old account had a Xat's chat and even more levels than this one. I won't say which one, though. Anyway, it's banned and you can't view it due to the auto-ban given to people with more than an account. I had to ask Pouetpu to let me make a new one.
* I'm not a native English speaker.

Total amount of reviews: 1715.

Filler text: Learn to swim!

Status : Registered user

Age : 1-99
Location : Somewhere in the world.
Levels : 5
Rates : 22222
Joined : 01/15/2012
Website : delectrico.weebly.com
Fans/Friends : 116

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