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Blue King profile

<FONT FACE="Chiller" Size="28" Color="DarkRed">Welcome to my world ladies and gentlemen!</FONT>

<FONT FACE="Chiller" Size="9" Color="Black">Do you think a contest of +9000 lenght levels will be a good idea?</FONT>

<body background="http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140405185653/erbparodies/images/c/c6/Dark-blood_00222872.jpg">

<FONT FACE="Chiller" Size="7" Color="Brown">I'm Blue King, I've been a user here for many years, but I've been off-line for a long time, feel free to talk to me if you want to. I'm actually working on my series "Killing an Already Killed Killer" (or KAKK for short), but if you want me to make a tag level with you, I'll do. Also, I don't do add 4 add, I'll only add users that have interesting levels, and good potential </FONT>

<FONT FACE="Chiller" Size="6" Color="Black">Next level: Killing an already Killed Killer: Chapter 17: The Under</FONT>

<FONT FACE="Chiller" Size="6" Color="red">KAKK Chapter List: (Season Name) {Level/Season Status} [Edition in which it's played] *N° of chapters*
NOTE: When playing the level, please play on the edition it's said and read all the text boxes if there are, this will help you following the history</FONT>

<FONT FACE="Chiller" Size="5" Color="Black">Part I (Ecological Enemies) {Done} *13 chapters*
Part II (Lil' Bro's Entrance) {Working on it} [Play on Super Luigi Flash] *?? chapters*

Ch14: Set to prison {Done}
Ch15: Message {Done} [Play on SLF2]
Ch16: Luigi's Rescue Time! {Done} [Play on SLF2]
Ch17: The Under {Coming Soon} [Play on SLF2]

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Status : Registered user

Age : XV
Location : Haunted Realms
Levels : 61
Rates : 691
Joined : 12/24/2011
Website : Do you care about...?
Fans/Friends : 38

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