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Irimaru profile

Hello, I am Irimaru, which is the name of Kakashi's cousin in Naruto. This is also the name of my accounts on Gamefaqs and Newgrounds. X000 5 is my name on Runescape, and Nonamesrleft is my name of World of Warcraft.

I currently am making two series on Super Mario flash, the challenge room series and the letter world series.

**********Challenge Rooms**********
The Eleven Room Challenge
Rooms 12-16

**********Letter Worlds************
A-1 The Chase
A-2 The Underground Cave
A-3 Mushroom Treetops
A-4 Castle or Not? (Boss)
B-1 The Moutain (Remad

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Age : 16
Location : at my computer
Levels : 16
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Joined : 05/17/2009
Website : Gamefaqs.com
Fans/Friends : 6

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