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I am making a series called The adventure. Please vote my future levels good. Just to tell you I will not be making any more Super Mario Flash 1 Levels. I would like to thank all of the people who rated my The adventure 1-3 and you only live once. I like pie!!!

Super Mario Flash 2:

How to fly: Hold down X on the keyboard While you have a cape and run until mario's arms are spread out. Then press up.

How to hold things: Hold X on the key board and walk into something you want to hold.

Things you can hold: Turtle shells(without the turtle in it), Keys, Springs, Goombas(after you jump on them) and, POW buttons.

How to get a star but no star music: Get a mushroom. Hit the star Box but don't get the star. Get hit by any bad guy and get the star very quickly While You are blinking.

If you want to do a tag,Just ask. I will probably do it!

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