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<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate"> Hi. I'm Kusane Hexaku <br></marquee>
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This is my channel




Recommended Level of of mine to try out :

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[ The Pipe ]
A short, simple concept prototype level that somehow... became quite a hit. I won't say what the level is about, I'll leave the decision to you.

[ Lawa Puzzle 1&2 ]
This is the concept I made long ago. It involve water and lava as the main aspect of the level. People seems to like the concept, but these were made when like, what, 3 years ago? Back then I was a total noob and don't even know how layers work. So, CHOPPY TILING ALERT!

[ Pit of Yuki ]
This is a series of levels that supposed to be a style parody of "Pit of Panga". But of course, With my very little to none skills, the levels aren't even a little teeny tiny tad bit close.
*Update : Pit of Yuki will start to come weekly at the very least a level per week. [Mon 4 April 2016]

[ PSpeed ]
This is a series of level that take place in a single screen, with the objective of getting to the end of the level. But, the twist is, you only have the as much time as a P-Switch, which is roughly around 11 seconds, so you really need to be careful and plan a good strategy to cut off unnecessary time of your run. Recommended for speedrunners.
*Update : The first level got flagged as spam ;_; [Fri 1 April 2016]

[ HECOFA Corp. Creations ]
Yes. I'm not even gonna said a thing here. You'll pretty much recieve the information you need and want in the assignment of testing each creation of us.



A bit late to the party, but whatever.

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<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate">----<img src="http://www.pouetpu.club/1/4003" width="100">-----<br></marquee>
<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate">-----<img src="http://www.pouetpu.club/1/4004" width="100">----<br></marquee>
<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate">------<img src="http://www.pouetpu.club/1/4005" width="100">---<br></marquee>
<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate">-------<img src="http://www.pouetpu.club/1/4087" width="100">--<br></marquee>
<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate">--------<img src="http://www.pouetpu.club/1/4088" width="100">-<br></marquee>
<marquee scrollamount="1" behavior="alternate">---------<img src="http://www.pouetpu.club/1/4089" width="100"><br></marquee>

Status : Registered user

Age : 15
Location : Thailand. Yes I'm an Asian nerd. Whaddup Huh?
Levels : 26
Rates : 8
Joined : 08/21/2011
Website : Here and my youtube, I guess.
Fans/Friends : 7

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