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so i'm finishing this old series i started called Enxephalon Adventures (EA) check it out if you get the chance, i try to make my levels unique and pretty difficult XD, i dont rate much because i'm not really good at judging so ya, anyway I hope you all enjoy my series :)

Recommended music for EA is at this link, it is already in order by level :) http://www.


Seires info:
EA:1/14/2013 New dialogue is posted on my EA Dialogue page on my website, please read it before playing EA EnoDendra 1-1 when it is posted, the link to my site is in the sidebar of my profile.
EA:1/13/2013 I feel like a lot of people are pretty confused about this series, it is actually based off of some of my ideas for a videogame i am going to try to make in the future, because of this i make a lot of elements in my levels symbolic for things that are actually in my game universe. This makes my levels look strange and out of place, but this is on purpose. I am not trying to make traditionial mario levels, puzzles, or levels that are more often done. This series is mostly about story elements and symbolism, an example of what i mean is how i use boos to represent the ghostly enemies in this game universe (The Nega). Since they represent The Nega and the nega stop at nothing to destroy all life i place a large amount of them in certain areas, but i try balancing this out by giving them semi-predictable attack patterns. I don't believe that gamers today don't like challenge so i also base certain levels of this series around difficulty (somewhat like in zelda games) and i like having people that play my levels really think and also somethimes think fast, like in EA Almibia 1-D, a lot of people said the pitfall with vines is a death warp, but it doesn't instantly kill you, it IS survivable with skill. Everything i put in my levels is 100% intentional. So I ask that you please keep this in mind when rating future levels

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