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Hero World:

Hero travels to stop Evil Hero and help anyone that is in trouble. Even pizza. He also must fight beasts from abandoned castles, or from deep mines. But every Hero needs a free time and sometimes he will play video games at home. Or eat something delicious.(pizza, chips)I also added a new feature:Checkpoints

C = Checkpoint

If you find something that looks like doors and has a "C" on top of it, it's a checkpoint. Go to yellow thingy in it. When you die, edit the level and start in there.

Part 7:
Hero after killing Evil Hero's general, discovers the location of Evil Hero's fortress.Hero must first go through the snow valley. The Ultimate guest for stopping Evil Hero begins.

Part 8:
After passing the Snow Valley, Hero sees that prisoners are taken to Evil Hero's fortress. Hero must save them and kill Evil Hero's troops

Part 9:
Hero is almost in Evil Hero's fortress. He and his troops must defeat Evil Hero's minions and get to the fortress.

Part 10:
Hero is in the fortress and must go through to find and kill Evil Hero.

Note: This is Season 1 Finale

Random notes:

I'm here since 2010.

I only make levels for SMF1. I like the classic better.

Did you check my other levels besides Hero World? No? That's good. They were shitty.

Should I continue this series? I finally logged into my account because I was busy (2 years).

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Status : Registered user

Age : 19
Location : Nowa Sól
Levels : 17
Rates : 15
Joined : 01/22/2011
Website : Hero Team
Fans/Friends : 13

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