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hood profile

Welcome to my profile!
Please rate my levels from 7-10, except for my levels that get gold status, those rate 8-10. I've made a few levels you might enjoy.

Watch Your Step! rate 7-10.
Mario and Luigi walk by a sudden castle....
"I might make a sequel to this level, but in the mean time, enjoy!" -hood (Silver)

Hold left: Updated Level! rate 7-10.
If you were a fan of "Watch Your Step"....
"I am not going to make a hold right, so have fun with this level." -hood (Silver

Status : Registered user

Age : 11
Location : Glendora L.A, California
Levels : 6
Rates : 0
Joined : 12/18/2010
Website : www.addictinggames.com
Fans/Friends : 12

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