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I am a smart, capable, hard-working, respectful and the "Main Man" of Lincoln. I am also the operator and level maker of Canadian bombshell, Pamela Anderson and my other famous stars from Hollywood. I've made many celebrity levels and will be posting more on the portal. The stages of your favourite celebrities include:

Mushroom Field: Good
Rachel McAdams' Cave: Good
Snow Field Intro: TBA
Bombshell Island: TBA
Cave of Malibu: TBA
Island Grassland: TBA
Elisha's Snow Castle: TBA
Pam's Paradise Palace: TBA
Sarah's Energy Castle: TBA
Carrie's Cloud Castle: TBA
Bowser's Research Castle:

Status : Registered user

Age : 17
Location : Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Levels : 24
Rates : 0
Joined : 10/23/2010
Website : www.pouetpu-games.com
Fans/Friends : 5

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