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<summary><p><font size="15">FabrizioBS's maze 1 map</font></p></summary>
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<summary><p><font size="15">FabrizioBS's maze 2 map</font></p></summary>
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<summary><p><font size="15">FabrizioBS's maze 3 map</font></p></summary>
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tile:254=Dotted Line Block (green)
tile:255=Dotted Line Block (yellow)
tile:256=Dotted Line Block (red)
tile:257=Dotted Line Block (blue)


SMF2- Level editor

-the maximum height/width is 9980 (499 blocks)

-9 Backgrounds
-58 enemies (Bowser doesn´t count)(+1 with lakitu in cloud)
-275 tiles (not counting the special tile)
-The size of the game screen is 240 by 320 (12 blocks by 16 blocks)
-4 ways to win (goal point 1, goal point 2 key and instant win tile)
-18 soundtracks (considering the key going in the keyhole)

SMF1- Level editor

-the maximum width is 4180 (209 blocks)

-6 Backgrounds
-26 enemies
-119 tiles
-The size of the game screen is 240 by 320 (12 blocks by 16 blocks)
-2 ways to win (flag pole)(instant win tile)
-8 soundtracks

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Status : Veteran

Age : Z
Location : São Paulo-SP (Brazil)
Levels : 102
Rates : 429
Joined : 04/12/2009
Website : ???
Fans/Friends : 51

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

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