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After such a long hiatus, Jinjomania is back. I am hoping to come out with better levels than usual. Also, I am debating whether or not to bring back my first series, Santa Stan. My other series, The A-Team is being considered. I recently came out with The Legend of Tensetsuwatashi.

Deep in Dinosaur land, behind Vanilla Dome, lie the ruins of a lost city. Tensetsuwatashi. After Mario killed him, Bowser's body was reincarnated, When his Clown Flyer crashed in TensetsuWatashi. The evil God, Sukimori found his way into Bowser and was reborn. Sukimori was slain by another warrior named Kiro. Sukimori now had the power to control koopas and Goombas. Its up to Mario to stop Sukimori from taking over DInosaur Land.

I know its all around the place but I worked semi-hard on it. About 2 weeks. (That is counting days I didnt work on it.)

So my levels are up to you. Rate Good? Rate bad? Play once? Play twice?
Have a good time!~ - Granpa Jin.
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