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SMF1 Glitches/Cheats
if you are big sized and hit an item block while crouching you will get a mushroom :P
make a tile 95 and you will instantly win when you touch it!
make a tile 6 or 16 for an invisotile.
press C+H and click options for 50 lives and all levels in single player.
SMF2 Glitches/Cheats
make a tile 383 in SMF2 for a bowser boss! you have to manually edit the code for this.
press C+H while going to a level for a bonus zone!
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Status : Registered user

Age : 18
Location : USA
Levels : 76
Rates : 645
Joined : 10/12/2009
Website : http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/megido---the-new-world
Fans/Friends : 55

Favorite level makers : (friends list)

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