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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
a very hot cave (Now With Spikes!)Blue-Meowstic Hard/SMF2896%Section 2
Bob-Omb BattlefieldEV Sceptile Medium/SMF26100%Section 2
Fortress of darknessgigamax Medium/SMF1680%Section 2
World 4-1 updateexpertguitarhero Medium/SMF11173%Section 2
Bowser's Kingdom: Dungeon of Doomfabuverymuch Hard/SMF2590%Section 2
EA Almibia-CCMrtrainer201 Easy/SMF2594%Section 2
Yoshi's Feeding Time 2Mario Blight Medium/SMF21279%Section 2
The Second Flash Reality Project 1-3: Mushroom HeightsLightSage1331 Medium/SMF25100%Section 2
Super Mario World Revival | World 5-5: Lakitu In The Act7SuperMarioBros7 Hard/SMF220100%Section 2
Code: Captain MarioMLKFNC Medium/SMF2594%Section 2
♦The Elite Armada♦LightSage1331 Hard/SMF2596%Section 2
The new series W2 level 3 the house (boo)SUPERnEo Medium/SMF1882%Section 2
Castlelevelbuilder321 Medium/SMF2588%Section 2
scenery maker stage 1scenery maker Medium/SMF12388%Section 2
Operation L2012man Medium/SMF1794%Section 2
Coin HustleSquidward Hard/SMF28100%Section 2
Mario in the USSR- Estonian SSRCommunist Ostrich Medium/SMF21499%Section 2
marios night maremarioboy44 Medium/SMF11355%Section 2
Dat Mario World 1-1 Energy Hillsfrazdeloon Medium/SMF2990%Section 2
The reversed worldShadow80 Medium/SMF11177%Section 2
World 1-2 The Crazy Ghostly Maze Housebnbielz Medium/SMF2998%Section 2
Kapper's Mario Bros. World 2-Boss (Bowser's Airship)pokefan123 Medium/SMF1882%Section 2
Super Paper Mario:TTYW W1-Level 1!Super Flashy 1 Easy/SMF21694%Section 2
Super Epic Mario CastleAwesomemario132435 Hard/SMF2798%Section 2
Mario 1-1-5Lati Medium/SMF2596%Section 2
Petey Pirahna PalaceBananaBill Medium/SMF1693%Section 2
Springboards And P-SwitchesConfirm Level Maker Hard/SMF2898%Section 2
Culture Valley (Read Description for Useful Hints and Tips)Denz Easy/SMF21595%Section 2
Tanks for the Memories!Lord Thundurus Medium/SMF27100%Section 2
100,000 Space Glitch (Read Desc)09dhowell Easy/SMF15681%Section 2