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Best levels
Level name Author Type Votes Rating Status
guinea pig island 1cian456 Easy/SMF2598%Section 2
New Super Mario World, World 4-7jamesbond13 Medium/SMF2598%Section 2
WHITE!!teresa Medium/SMF11580%Section 2
Hard Mario 2falco717 Hard/SMF2590%Section 2
Bowser's Castle 1-4Supermike Medium/SMF1980%Section 2
Return to Mario World 1-1BetaCrew Medium/SMF2695%Section 2
A13 SMW 2-5: Bowser's AirshipAxew14 Medium/SMF2795%Section 2
Mrckv3 world 2-1mrckv3 Easy/SMF1983%Section 2
Super Thanh Bros 1-Ahuynhhaothanh123 Medium/SMF24100%Section 2
My First LevelSpaceman123 Medium/SMF2795%Section 2
adventure in the world boss 1-1matheus9999999999 Medium/SMF2892%Section 2
Aventura en las nubesquesitasXD Medium/SMF1886%Section 2
Luigi Bros. Forest of FearNano5002 Medium/SMF11580%Section 2
Fabriziobs's maze 8fbs Hard/SMF2994%Section 2
The 1 life testmariosyoshi Hard/SMF2490%Section 2
Castle Sisters 1-5CuteAnimeGirl Hard/SMF2896%Section 2
Newer super terence bros. world 1 level 1Terence Easy/SMF1598%Section 2
donk:the monster castledonk25 Medium/SMF1688%Section 2
Mario 593 level 3(Repost)Pinoy Mario Medium/SMF2698%Section 2
super anti-ant flash 2 8-3anti-ant Hard/SMF1797%Section 2
Volcano Worlddjxeon Medium/SMF11469%Section 2
Super Mario EX 11JonCna Medium/SMF11296%Section 2
World 3-5 daredevilGaganvir 2 Medium/SMF1790%Section 2
The Sunset EnvironmentsMario Blight Medium/SMF218100%Section 2
Bowsers castle?SimsHero99 Medium/SMF1686%Section 2
Cave Of Originallainandrew Medium/SMF11386%Section 2
Super Apoplexy World (Arc 1) WORLD 5-6Lord Apoplexy Hard/SMF21098%Section 2
Mario and the Beanstalk Part 2dirtsleeper Medium/SMF2485%Section 2
Bowser's Final Battle Battle 1~Read DiscriptionJohn, the Pixelated Guy! Hard/SMF21795%Section 2
New Super Mario Flash: World 5-3Lord Luigi-2014 Medium/SMF1592%Section 2